Whey Protein Isolate - 200g Unflavoured - 100% natural

Here's your chance to see the massive difference adding whey protein isolate makes to all keto baking (think light and fluffy) and to purchase the perfect amount to trial baking with. Whey Protein Isolate is simply superior - at 0.3g carbs per 100g, it gives you a boost of protein with zero impact on your daily carbs. And if you are after the kg size because of it's incredible value, you will find that here

7 reasons why Whey Protein Isolate is gold class superior:
• WPI is more easily absorbed by your body so you fuelling muscle gain while losing fat
• WPI has far fewer carbs: Whey Protein Isolate 0.3g carbs vs Whey Protein at 6g+ 
• it has less lactose, so less inflammation
• less cholesterol and fat
• meaning faster digestion and well tolerated even by those with lactose intolerance
• and that means WPI has lower calories
• and here's the technical bit: WPI has 5g more Branched Chain Amino Acids. 

Why the focus on protein? 
Losing muscle negatively impacts your metabolism, which isn't a good thing. Making sure you get enough protein is really important so you maintain, or even build some muscle, while you are losing fat.

Whey Protein Isolate is the gold class way to boost your protein macros by 25gm per 1/3 Cup of powder with 1g fat and 0.3g ie: hardly any Net Carbs. And still it comes with glutamine and nutrients, but no lactose, no fillers or impurities so it's easy to drink or incorporate into baking. So pure, it takes on whatever flavours you're adding it to.

How to Use:
1/3 Cup - mix with 240ml to get a delicious protein packed drink.
Click on the size button to order by however many 200g lots you'd like to try it out or purchase a kilo quantity. 

Macros: per 29g NC 0, F 0, P25g calories 100, cholesterol 10mg, sodium 260mg, Calcium, Iron, Vitamins A, and C.
Ingredients: Milk, Sunflower Lecithin 
Lecithin is added to whey protein powder to help the powder become instant when mixing and clump-free, which is ideal for shakes. Sunflower lecithin is achieved through cold pressing making it more natural and allergen free, when compared with other protein powders based on soy lecithin. 
Allergens: contains Milk, dairy.

Keto Recipes using this Keto Ingredient:  Keto Protein Milkshakes. Low carb soul bread. The best crispy Keto Fried Chicken. Keto Protein Waffles. Keto Cookie Dough Protein Balls. Zero Carb Pancakes. Deliciously soft Protein Bagels. 

+ Keto Milk: For a protein thickshake or smoothie use 30g of Keto Milk Powder in with your protein powder. OMG it leaves almond and coconut milk behind in taste, because it's real milk just without the lactose (milk sugar). Next level creaminess and yummo!   

and then ... FLAVOUR IT your way: 
Have it your preferred way by buying the base unflavoured and then there are no end to options and combinations to mix, blend and sample flavours to suit your personal tastes and preferences. All natural ingredients. 

+ Check out all our natural flavour options

• Apple Blackcurrant - water drops

• Banana - Inulin or Milkshake Syrup or Vital Zing Milk drops 

• Caramel - Inulin or Vital Zing Milk drops or Liquid Monkfruit Drops 

• Cherry - water drops 

• Chocolate - Milkshake Syrup or Vital Zing Milk drops or Liquid Monkfruit Drops

• Lemon Lime - water drops

• Lime - Milkshake Syrup 

• Mandarin - water drops 

• Mango - water drops 

• Peach - water drops 

• Pineapple - water drops 

• Protein Cream - Milkshake Syrup 

• Raspberry - Milkshake Syrup or Water drops  

• Strawberry - Vital Zing Milk drops 

• Strawberry & Kiwifruit - water drops 

• Toffee - Inulin 

• Tropical - water drops 

• Vanilla - Inulin or Liquid Monkfruit Drops

• Watermelon - water drops



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