Sharyn Carter

Hi, my name is Sharyn. When I started out with Keto I loved the results I was getting, but I nearly packed it all in. Not because I didn’t like the food, but because of the sheer effort and cost involved to get the ingredients I needed just to try out recipes. I needed quick and easy to make Keto food solutions, so I could sustain Keto in a busy lifestyle.

I really struggled with lunches and mid-afternoon snack options. I looked at how fast Maarten, my husband, could just grab two slices of bread, whop some toppings on and "hey presto" - lunch was sorted. Decisions about food weren’t even a blip in his day. I had "grab-and-go" envy!

That’s when I started to explore making and baking Keto myself. However, ingredients were hard to find, and they were in huge quantities I didn’t need and couldn’t really afford. I wanted the best quality ingredients at the cheapest prices but I didn't need to get huge bags of ingredients to get them.

      Breaking it Down

      Keto ingredients sure can be hard to find! I would find only one item in one store and a few more items in another, and ended up paying many times over for shipping.

      I remember looking in the supermarket for xanthan gum. I didn’t know what the packaging looked like or where to find it and I wasn’t even spelling it right either. Three stores later with no luck, I resorted to online ordering. I needed just one teaspoon for a new recipe but I could only find a 400gram bag, 80 times more than I needed! If I made that recipe every week for more than a year, I still wouldn’t use it up. What’s more, it was getting expensive with the risk that I might buy big bags of ingredients for a recipe that I didn’t like!

      I now had zero space in my pantry which was starting to look like a cluttered disaster zone with all these big amounts of ingredients. My Keto spending was officially out of control and all these ingredients were going to take forever to use up.

      Making it Accessible

      Maarten DijkstraThen I heard heart-breaking stories from many others who also wanted to improve their health and were struggling against these same challenges. So together with Maarten, we decided to do something about it. That's where the Keto Store idea began. We wanted to offer people a way to get a wide range of quality, affordable Keto low-carb ingredients, in the small quantities required, just when they needed them.

      The Keto Store makes it easy for you to:
      • Get affordable ingredients from the one place, in days, not weeks.
      • Try out exciting recipes without worrying about breaking the bank.
      • Have a variety of interesting food options so you don’t get bored eating the same thing over and over.
      • Make Keto a sustainable lifestyle for you and your health.

      Making Keto more Affordable,
      One Cup at a Time.

      Making Keto food is so much faster when the ingredients arrive already measured out. And because we buy in bulk, we pass the savings onto you. We continue to work hard so our prices are cheaper than anywhere else. Because when you save up to $10 on each item you put in our cart, that enables you to Keep it Keto for much longer.   

      Rave Review Recipes

      There are some stunning Keto recipes around, and we feature some of the best. We have prepared packs of ingredients for Keto recipes, in the quantities needed, so you are ready to go! And with easy to follow recipes, you will be making your own bread, cookies and savouries in no time.

      Thank you for navigating to our incredible
      selection of more affordable 
      Keto Food.

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