Sweet as Icing Sugar Allulose

= supplemented food with pure Monkfruit = 

Ultra-fine and pure non-GMO Allulose combined with pure Monkfruit extract makes for a premium sweetener that tastes As Sweet As Icing Sugar. With the finest texture, it simply melts in your mouth with no aftertaste. 

With two natural sweeteners combined, you can mix it 1:1 in recipes. With the finer texture, it's a great option for those who have struggled with sensitivities to artificial sweeteners. With no aftertaste, using it brings through the true flavours from your baking.

Available in customisable quantities by selecting how many 100g lots you'd like or 500g. Bulk sizes available on request.  

What is a supplemented food? It's a food that's safe and suitable, created by combining a novel (new) food to an existing food. Allulose has had the Generally Recognised As Safe status from the USA FDA for the past 10 years. 

Why do people prefer Allulose based sweeteners? 
Allulose has no after-taste and in baking it caramelises and gives a wonderfully soft texture. This allulose supplemented with monkfruit, is low in calories and because not a lot of it makes it to your lower intestine, it causes way less after effects. Pure Monkfruit is ideal too as it comes straight from nature. 

Impact on blood sugar: As a rare natural sugar allulose found in fruits such as kiwifruit, raisins and figs. Both Allulose and Monkfruit Extract give a glycemic index of zero with minimal impact on blood sugar levels. Both ingredients are called natural sweeteners, so these are not classified as artificial sweeteners. 

Ratio to sugar in recipes: This product has a sweetness ratio of 1:1 so it's As Sweet As Sugar. Directly swap 1 Cup of Sugar, with Allulose Sweet As Icing Sugar in any recipe. 

Ingredients: Pure Allulose and Monkfruit (Luo Han Guo extract)
Vegan, Keto, Gluten-free and non-GMO. Allergens: None known. While it is processed on a site that handles gluten, everything humanly possible is done to segregate, schedule and sanitise to avoid cross contamination. 

Macros per 100gm: Net Carbs <1g from Allulose 99g, from Monkfruit <1g, Protein 0, Fat 0, Calories 169kj, Sodium 1mg.
Allulose is required to be listed as a sugar even though your body doesn't recognise it as a carbohydrate and only some of it is converted into Energy.  


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