Strawberry Milk drops

Vitalzing strawberry milk tastes clean, light and with no sugar, no carbs, no preservatives or artificial ingredients they make amazing guilt-free treats. Using natural beet as a colour base, it has no nasties. With 40 serves per bottle a little goes a long way, so that's why they are so cost effective.  

Strawberry Milk Drops can be used to flavour dairy, soy, almond or coconut milk or to flavour cream, yoghurt, smoothies, shakes and baking. 
Vital Zing Milk Drops are incredible flavour enhancers for making milkshakes or smoothies. Some parents use them to flavour natural yoghurt to remove the sour or bitter notes from milk.

Features: handy portable container, can be taken anywhere.
Storage: Shelf stable, no refrigeration is needed. 
Usage: 10 drops to a glass of milk (adjust to taste). Add to baking, creams and icings. 

Macros per 1ml dose/200ml Milk:  energy 17kJ, Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbs 0g, sugars 0g, Dietary Fibre 0g Sodium 0g 

Ingredients: Water, natural flavour, natural sweetener (stevia/stevia glycosides), natural colour (beet red) 

Fun fact: This flavour is excellent to add with milk - classic strawberry milkshake perfectly Divine! Pair it with our Keto Milk Powder for next level low carb yumminess. Also great in cake icing or in cheesecakes ;) yum! 

Other Flavours available in Water drops:  Apple BlackcurrantCherryLemon LimeMandarin,  MangoPeachPineappleRaspberryStrawberry KiwiTropicalWatermelon.  

Other Flavours available in Milk drops:   BananaCaramelChocolateStrawberry


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