Lemon Lime drops

These are naturally flavoured water enhancers with no sugar, no carbs, no preservatives or artificial ingredients. With 90 serves per bottle a little goes a long way, so that's why it has a long shelf life to match.  

These assist you to increase your water consumption or help transition away from sugar and preservative laden drinks.  Great for those doing intermittent fasting or on strict keto diets. 

Features: handy portable container, can be taken anywhere as no refrigeration is needed.
Storage: Shelf stable, no refrigeration is needed. 
Usage: 10 drops to a glass of water (or adjust to taste). Add to soda water or use as mixers with spirits and cocktails. They can also be used in teas, sauces, creams or yoghurt.  

Macros per 0.5ml dose/200ml water:  energy 2kJ, Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbs 0g, sugars 0g, Dietary Fibre 0g Sodium 0g 

Ingredients: Water, Natural acidity regulator, natural lemon and lime flavour, (real fruit extracts), natural sweetener (stevia/stevia glycosides). 

Fun fact: This flavour is excellent to enhance soda, gin and make epic margaritas

Other Flavours available in Water drops:  Apple BlackcurrantCherryLemon LimeMandarin,  MangoPeachPineappleRaspberryStrawberry KiwiTropicalWatermelon.  

Other Flavours available in Milk drops:   BananaCaramelChocolateStrawberry 


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