White Sugar-free Compound Chocolate Drops 

These are the lowest carb at 8.5g white chocolate drops by Justine's Cookies. Also high in protein 18.1g and sweetened by erythritol. The main benefit this sugar-free white chocolate has is that during baking, they soften and keep their shape.

A word about the ingredients. These contain NO Maltitol so the carbs are reliable. 
Also with RSPO certified Palm Oil that means that the production of this palm oil has not caused deforestation or damage to any area required to protect or enhance High Conservation Value (HCV) or High Carbon Stock (HCS) forest. 

As this chocolate is made based on oil, that makes it a Compound Chocolate. 
Compound chocolate doesn't need tempering (the careful heating and cooling of chocolate process) to get a glossy finish and a satisfying snap. 

Compound chocolate melts at 45C, so this white chocolate won't immediately melt at body temperature 37C. That means it lasts better in summer, it won't melt on your finger tips while you are holding chocolate covered treats, nor in the mouth the moment it lands in there. With a bit of patience this white chocolate will start to melt in your mouth after a while. 

Made in Australia 

IngredientsSweetener (Erythritol), Vegetable Fat (RSPO Palm Kernel Oil (Contains Emulsifier (Sorbitan Tristearate), Cocoa Solids, Soy Protein Isolate, Milk Solids (Min 14%), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Natural Vanilla Flavour. 
Contains Soybean & Milk Products.
May Contain Tree Nuts, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Gluten & Wheat.

Excess Consumption May Have a Laxative Effect.
Storage. Please Store in A Cool Dry Place Out of Direct Sunlight

Macros per 100g: Energy 1720kJ, Protein 18.1g, Fat 33.1g, Carbohydrates 8.5g, Sodium 68mg, Erythritol 39g.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: We can't guarantee that chocolate products won't go soft or melt during transit especially as we head into summer. Based on this, we will not be able to replace or exchange the product if this should happen. Soft and melted chocolate is still fine to eat and re-melt, chop back into finer parts or keep in a cool place to firm back up again. Thank you for your understanding.

There are SO many Keto Recipe Inspirations that we have using this Keto Ingredient, we've had to sort them by type!  Where it says dark or milk chocolate, just substitute that with this white chocolate. 

Melted chocolates
Nut spread chocolate cups 
Bounty Bars
Caramel Fudge 
Chocolate Fudge
English Toffee
Keto Chocolate Protein Balls 

Banana Bread
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Fudge Crumb Bar
Chocolate Rice Bubble Treat Bars
Magic Cookie Bars

Bread and Butter Pudding
Chocolate Pudding
Truly the recipe list is only limited by your imagination.


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