Being able to make your own soft bread rolls sorts out lunchtime, hotdog and any burger cravings, making Keto more sustainable. Bring your own bun and so many more takeaway options are instantly ketofied. So what makes this bread roll mixture our best?

• the mix creates 12 x light coloured bread rolls with a nice crust 
and inside is where the magic is..
• the texture of this bread is amazingly soft, and the longer the dough is kneaded, the better it becomes.
• non-ketoers can't tell the difference and
• being able to have a keto bread roll at under $1.35 each is great value for money.

The more keto ingredients evolve over time, the better our products become.
We only produce recipe pack mixes when we can better what's already available. 

Q: What do you get in the single batch pack? 
A: included is one base mixture and the specialty bakers yeast

Q: What other ingredients do I need to add to the pre-mix? 
A: Water and 1 teaspoon of sugar to activate the yeast (don't worry, the sugar gets gobbled up in the leavening process) + 2 eggs and 15g melted butter. 

Q: How many carbs?  
1.4g net carbs per bun based on 12 from one batch of the dough mix. These buns rise massively, so a 75g ball of dough makes a normal size hamburger bun. Of course, should you wish to super size your burger buns, then just split the total batch carbs over how ever many buns you've made. Total macros are in the images. 

Q: Super soft and keto you say, so what's the secret? 
A: We source specialty baking ingredients with the lowest carbs and highest quality from around the world and then put them into our pre-mixes and also make them available in retail sizes for purchase. Some examples:
• Our vital wheat gluten is from the best European producer in the world and has the lowest carbs (8.5g less carbs per 100g than the supermarket variety from China).
• Our golden flaxseed is organic, freshly milled on our site and loaded with healthy doses of Omega 3.
• Our yeast is specially geared to work with Keto baking ratios.

In summary when ingredients are top quality, quantities are optimised to perform together and you're using the latest innovative keto baking techniques, then your baking outcome has a higher likelihood of being top quality too. 

Q: Any Gluten or other Allergens? 
A: the bun mix does contain gluten, and there's not an almond in sight.

Q: What are the Ingredients? the Lowest Carb Vital Wheat Gluten in NZ, the best quality organic Golden Flaxseed, Zero Carb Oat Fibre, Powdered Erythritol, Specialty Baking Yeast, Salt and Xanthan Gum.

Q: How do I get the instructions to make the bread rolls?
A: The method steps are listed on the label on the back of the packet. These are a yeasted product and do take kneading and time to prove. But trust us, it's SO worth it. Good things take a little time, it's an awesome way to relieve stress and your house will smell amazing. 


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