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Vital Wheat Gluten - Windmill Brand -1kg

This product is the lowest carb wheat gluten in NZ and as a specialty baking product it's not available elsewhere. It comes from the world's best gluten manufacturer, so not only will you will taste the quality difference, it rises better and over a whole loaf of bread you save yourself an impressive 16 grams of carbs!  

Supermarket wheat gluten = 16g carbs and up to $19/kg 
Our season's wheat gluten = 7.5g carbs per 100gm and lower in price.
A loaf of bread uses 190g wheat gluten = so make it with 16gm less carbs + save!  

Wheat gluten is the natural protein found in wheat flour after it has been hydrated, components removed leaving the gluten. It is not a synthetic product - it's all natural and non-GMO. It is the protein part of the wheat and is considered to be keto friendly due to it's low carbs. That makes it perfect in yeast-based bread recipes to improve the lift, texture and elasticity (chewiness) of the dough. 

Ordering hints:

  • Diedre's bread = King Keto bread = Elle_herself = Mad Creations breads are all the same recipe and require 190g vital wheat gluten 
  • We also have the best prices in NZ for the oat fibre, golden ground flaxseed, bamboo fibre and Xanthan gum too. So you'll be well and truly sorted for all your baking endeavours. 

Substitutes: Vital Wheat Gluten is a non-animal protein substitute that is popular among vegetarians. There are no ingredient substitutes. If you have an intolerance to gluten, then we recommend researching gluten-free keto bread recipes. 
Benefits and claims: Wheat gluten has a spongy texture and takes on any flavour of what you are making with it. It aids in repair, maintenance and growth of all cells and tissues. Maintains cholesterol levels and is heart friendly and nutritionally safe.
Features: extremely high in protein, rich in phosphorous, great source of the micro minerals iron and selenium.

Macros per 100gm for current season: Net Carbs 7.5g, Fat 6g Protein 75g, Calories 1632kj Sodium 100mg
Allergens: Dairy-free, cholesterol free, this is 100% gluten as the product name suggests :)

Keto friendly recipes using this ingredient: Keto Pizza Bites, Low Carb Flatbread, Keto Hamburger Buns, Low Carb Bread recipe, Low carb egg noodles, 


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