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Bamboo Flour / Fibre - 500g and 1.25kg

NEW shipment landed = new lower pricing! This is THE very latest, hottest hard-to-get keto ingredient in use by ALL the recipe developers - from Victoria, to Mel to Vernaz. It's totally going off the scale right now in Europe and the USA - so much so, they can't get their hands on enough of it. We've gone to lengths to import it from directly Europe in order to make it available right here in NZ.

Bamboo has a very fine powdered texture. It doesn't have a taste, it's dietary fibre, zero carbs and zero calories. It thickens and gives texture similar to regular flour. It's 100% plant based fibre. Getting low enough carbs and calories plus fibre into your daily diet can be difficult, but not anymore!

How Bamboo is superior to Almond Flour 
You can easily substitute 20% of almond flour with bamboo fibre in recipes to drastically reduce the calories and boost the fibre content. 
• Almond Flour has > 4.6g carbs and 590 calories per 100g
   vs Bamboo at Zero Carbs & Zero calories
• Bamboo is more than 95% Dietary Fibre vs Almond Flour 10%
• The texture of Almonds can result in heavy and dense food vs Bamboo which is soft, retains moisture and has a mouthfeel closer to regular flour.

How Bamboo is superior to Oat Fibre
• Higher in Dietary Fibre (Bamboo has 95+% vs Oat Fibre 90%)
• Better in baking performance because it doesn't go as dry.
• Holds up with better texture.
• Closer to original flour in mouthfeel, can even be used in icing!

If you're using Oat Fibre, you just have to try this. It's amazing and really isn't only just a substitute for Oat Fibre, it's in another league of it's own = way better!  ALL the bloggers are raving about it - get some in your keto baking and you will be raving about it too. 

Tips to use: It is a cup for cup usage; because it's way lighter if you go off grams for grams weight you'll be adding in way way too much fibre into your mixture. For better recipe textures, you can take dry ingredients in any recipes and substitute in 20% cup for cup measures for Bamboo Fibre. Typically Keto recipes have already had their wet ingredients modified, so if you're tinkering with non-Keto recipes this flour is thirsty. 

Terminology: Bamboo Flour / Bamboo Fiber / Bamboo Fibre is the same thing, just the "er"-spelled version uses the American spelling. 

Benefits and claims: sugar free, high fibre, gut health, regularity, avoid constipation.
Tested: to be free of heavy metals
 zero net carbs due to really high non-digestible fibre levels, non GMO, Vegan, Keto.

Macros per 100g Net Carbs 0g, Fat 0g, Protein 0g, Sodium 0g, Dietary Fibre >95g Energy 0kJ
Ingredients: 100% bamboo (taken from the fibre of very young shoots to maximise the amount of fibre) 
Allergens and Gluten-free status:
 this is a gluten-free and non-GMO product. 

Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient: Search in this website by typing in "using Bamboo Fibre" to see all the ones we have loaded up so far. Bamboo is also been used in the range of Keto Flours by Victoria's Keto Kitchen since 2023 and by searching using the words "using Keto Flour" you'll see all those recipes.


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