Sugar-free Condensed Coconut Milk 320g 

Every now and then a sugar-free product comes along and when you taste it, you go Wowee! Not only does this hit all the smoothness and sweet notes of actual condensed milk, it has all the health benefits of coconut without the sugar. Yet the coconut flavour is delicious and not at all over-powering. Simply magic; especially for someone like me, who doesn't really like the taste of coconut. 

And I just gotta add, it takes me right back to my childhood where there was an open tin of condensed milk in the fridge with a spoon, all ready to go :)  As far as treats go, this rates up there because it is just so satisfying. One teaspoon takes away that need for a sweet fix; and macros depending, always allows for more than one.

Ingredients: Coconut Cream, Water, Erythritol, Virgin Coconut Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Cellulose Gum and Sea Salt. 
Allergens: This product contains coconut and is lactose-free, vegan, gluten-free.

Macros: per teaspoon cos' that's how we roll :)  Net carbs: 1.1g naturally occurring sugars 0.05g, Fat 0.5g, Saturated Fat 0.4g, Protein 0.08g Energy 32kj  Sodium 4mg
The Dietary Fibre has not been removed from the Carbs that show on the tin label (so they show as higher), we'll be able to sticker the tin to be correct soon. 

Recipes that use this Ingredient: Ketofy any recipe that uses regular condensed milk. I liked the one where you just add our lowest carb Cocoa Powder to this and make fudge or chocolate caramel. Nom nom. It's excellent for baking, desserts, and beverages.


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