Single Serve Sachet - Creamy Mushroom Soup Mix

Our mission, that we chose to accept, was to make a Creamy Mushroom Soup mix with the lowest carbs possible, using real food ingredients. Pure and simple. 
• Pure 100% Mushroom Powder and smooth taste from real Cream.
• Natural Vitamin B's from Toasted Nutritional Yeast.

Ingredients: Dehydrated Mushroom, Cream (made from Milk), Toasted Nutritional (Inactive) Yeast, White Pepper, Parsley. 

Contains: Milk

How to use: Tip the contents of the carry container into a mug and add 200ml boiled water. Hey presto - instant creamy mushroom soup. 

Macros per 100ml when made up:  Energy 46kJ, Protein 0.5g, Fat 0.8g, Carbs 0.7g, Sugars 0.4g Sodium 22mg

Other sizes available 
This Creamy Mushroom Soup Mix is also available in a 14 serve jarso you can have a main stash at home. And if you grab an empty  carry container, you can keep that topped up with 10g mushroom soup mix from your stash, so that you always have some with you on the go. 

More flavours available 

Creamy Chicken | single serve sachet | 9 serve jar  

Creamy Chicken & Bacon | single serve sachet | 9 serve jar

Creamy Mushroom | single serve sachet | 14 serve jar 

Tomato | single serve sachet | 9 serve jar

Creamy Vegetable & Bacon | single serve sachet | 7 serve jar  

Vegetable | single serve sachet | 20 serve jar

Goes great with our Soft Bread Roll / Loaf premix 


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