Our handy 50ml Carry Container is the perfect way to take your favorite flavoured items with you. Made from strong, recyclable plastic, you'll have all the salad dressings, electrolytes, bone broths, vitamins, tablets, or treats right where and when you need them. Each perfectly portioned and conveniently portable.

The container holds 50ml liquid, however please be aware that the grams of a product that fits into the container varies by each product stored in there. Dry foods by very their nature are volumetric in physical size so what this means is: 
• Some foods are heavier in weight for their size 
• Some foods are light in weight and are bulkier.
We recommend you get a few of these containers to check if the desired portion of the product you're trying to carry will fit one or two containers OK. 

Carry ingredients or your snacks anywhere and be prepared for whatever life brings your way! Measurements: 29mm height, 60mm diameter across. 


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