9 Serve Jar of Creamy Chicken and Bacon Soup Mix

Our mission, that we chose to accept, was to load up pure chicken broth extract into a Keto Cuppa Soup mix and made it
• Extra Tasty with real Cream and Bacon. 
• Natural Vitamin B's from Toasted Nutritional Yeast
• Anti-inflammatory from Turmeric 
$1.66 per serve of soup

No unnecessary ingredients, just plenty of taste. 

Ingredients: Chicken Extract, Cream (made from Milk), Toasted Nutritional (Inactive) Yeast, Bacon, Turmeric, Chives.  Contains: Milk

Macros per 100ml when made up:  Energy 149.2kJ, Protein 2.2g, Fat 2.7g, Carbs 1.4g, Sugars 0.2g Sodium 38mg

How to use: Put 4 heaped teaspoons of soup mixture into a mug (13g) and add 200ml boiled water. You can also boost any slow cooker dish, or anything that's going into the oven to be baked.      

Other flavours & sizes available

Creamy Chicken | single serve sachet | 9 serve jar | 35 serve jar

Creamy Chicken & Bacon | single serve sachet | 9 serve jar | 36 serve jar

Creamy Mushroom | single serve sachet | 14 serve jar | 48 serve Jar 

Cream of Tomato | single serve sachet | 9 serve jar | 28 serve Jar

Creamy Vegetable & Bacon | single serve sachet | 7 serve jar | 30 serve Jar

Vegetable | single serve sachet | 20 serve jar  | 80 serve Jar

Empty carry container so portions of soup mix are to hand whenever needed. 

Goes great with our Soft Bread Roll / Loaf premix 


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