Keto Protein Trim Milk Powder

We've now made our Keto Protein Milk available in a Trim Milk blend. 
• Higher in protein 7.5g
• Lower in Fat 0.0g
• Lower in Carbs 0.1g per 100ml 

Still in a convenient powdered form and with a taste and consistency of Trim Milk, it's amazing! Trim Protein Milk is perfect for those who are doing Keto, wanting to be in a calorie deficit and those reducing fat intake for getting toned / body building. 

Sizes Available
100g Protein Milk Powder (makes 1 Litre) $5.75/L
400g Protein Milk Powder (makes 4 Litres) $4.99/L
1kg Protein Milk Powder (makes 10 Litres) $4.50/L

Ratios to mix: 
Ratio of Protein Milk powder 1 : 10 Water 
10g powder + 100ml = 100ml Trim Protein Milk 
25g powder + 250ml / 1 Cup water = 1 Cup of Trim Protein Milk
100g powder + 1000ml Water = 1 Litre of Trim Protein Milk 

How to make
Add powder to a container, stir in a little bit of water to make into a paste, then pour the remaining water to make up to your desired amount of milk. 

How do the protein milks compare? 
Milk is a personal choice that comes down to taste preferences as well as achieving goals. We are glad our Protein Milk range can support yours, as we now have per 100ml: 
Trim Protein Milk      Carbs 0.01g | Protein 7.5g | Fat 0g
Blue Protein Milk      Carbs 0.04g | Protein 5.8g | Fat 3.4g  
Whole Protein Milk = take the Blue Milk above & add Cream Powder to suit your taste 

Ingredients: Milk, Contains Milk 
Keto Protein Milk is made by blending several different, specially made, milk based ingredients together. And because each separate ingredient is 100% milk, the combined ingredients list is Milk.

Taste Profile 
This milk tastes as close to trim milk as humanly possible, and taste improves after mixing by putting the milk into the fridge for half an hour.
If you're after a more Blue Milk taste, then the Blue Milk Style is your choice 
If you're after a more Whole Milk taste, then add Cream Powder  into your mix. 

Macros (in 100ml of Trim Protein Milk using 10g powder). Carbs and lactose sugars are both 0.1g per 100g - Energy, 131kJ, Protein 7.5g, Fat 0.0g, Sodium 44mg. Naturally occurring nutrients in Protein Milk are Vitamins A, B2 riboflavin, B5, B7 biotin, B12, Calcium and Phosphorus. 

Hints to use: 
• Milk always tastes better once refrigerated for half an hour before use.
• This milk can blitz and froth exactly like milk does, because it's milk! 
• Added first into a mug, or combined with dry baking ingredients, before adding wet. 
• Using warm liquids when mixing, helps the powder to dissolve faster.

Once made up into milk, keep it in the fridge & ideally consume within 5 days.

In powdered format the milk powder doesn't need refrigerating and keeps shelf stable for more than 1 year. Once opened, reseal the pack and store in an airtight container.

Suitable for
: Children over 1 year of age, teens, adults, older adults, athletes and weekend warriors, pregnant and breast-feeding women. 

Goes great with 
Flavour It range - all zero carb and a huge range of great flavours 
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