Keto Protein Milk Powder

We took on the challenge to make Keto Milk; low carb, high protein and after 2 years of product development, we're super pleased to say it's now available in a convenient powdered form and tastes Ah-mazing!

Keto Protein Milk is made by blending several different, specially made, milk based ingredients together. And because each separate ingredient is 100% milk, the combined ingredients list is Milk. 

So what makes this Keto Protein Milk special? At 0.4g carbs per 100ml it's nearly Zero Carb and has hardly any lactose sugars. We've kept the good stuff in the blend with 75% more Protein than comparable milk and it's great for Keto energy.

Taste Profile 
This milk tastes as close to light blue milk as humanly possible, and taste improves after mixing by putting the milk into the fridge for half an hour. Should you wish to get a more whole milk taste, just add more cream using Cream Powder in your mix. 

Coffees are back on the menu
For daily macro calculations add 0.1g carbs and 1g protein to each coffee you make. Two teaspoons of very transportable milk powder makes 25ml of milk. So this allows me to have real milk in my cuppa. Rounded down that practically counts as zero carb. So excited to have lattes and cappuccinos back on the menu with this ketofied protein milk! 

What is ketofied milk?
the ingredients are a blend of several dairy products that are all 100% made from milk: 

  • Most of the milk sugar has been removed leaving 0.4g per 100ml
  • Way way lower in carbs at only 0.4g per 100g of milk, 0.1g in a cuppa.  
  • Proteins are 75% higher than comparable regular milk 
  • Certified non-GMO 
  • from grass-fed NZ cows which increases vitamins A, vitamin E, essential fatty acids and long chain omega 3's.
  • in a powdered format, shelf stable and no need to refrigerate the powder
  • no more spills carrying milk anywhere. 

Macros (in 100ml of Keto Protein Milk using 13g powder). Carbs and lactose sugars are both 0.4g per 100g - Energy, 233kJ, Protein 5.8g, Fat 3.4g, Sodium 30mg. Naturally occurring nutrients are: Vitamins A, B2 riboflavin, B5, B7 biotin, B12, Calcium and Phosphorus. 

Ingredients: 100% Milk, contains Milk the ingredients are a blend of several different dairy products that are each 100% made from milk.

How many carbs per cuppa?
A: 0.1g carbs from 2 teaspoons of powder (4g) makes 25ml of milk.  I can't put into words just how liberating it is being able to have real milk back in the coffee and tea and stay keto.

Hints to use: 
• Milk always tastes better once refrigerated for half an hour before use.
• This milk can blitz and froth exactly like milk does, because it's milk! 
• Added first into a mug, or combined with dry baking ingredients, before adding wet. 
• Using warm liquids when mixing, helps the powder to dissolve faster.

Usage to make:
• 25ml for your hot drink - 2 teaspoons of powder / 4g in your cup, then make your drink. 
• 100ml - add 16g powder to 100ml water, blitz/blend to combine for 0.4g carbs
250ml cup - add 40g powder to 1 cup of water, blitz/blend to combine 
• 1 Litre - add 160g powder to 1 litre of water

Bag sizes available 
• the 160g bag of powder makes 1 Litre of Keto Protein Milk 
• the 480g bag of milk powder makes 3 Litres of Keto Protein Milk   

Made up milk, you do need to keep it in the fridge & ideally consume within 5 days.

In powdered format the milk powder doesn't need refrigerating and keeps shelf stable for >1 year. Once opened, reseal the pack and store in an airtight container.

Suitable for
: Children over 1 year of age, teens, adults, older adults, athletes and weekend warriors, pregnant and breast-feeding women. 

Goes great with 
Flavour It range - all zero carb and a huge range of great flavours 
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