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Stay Keto this chocolate day with a stash of goodies
No more sitting on the sidelines watching others scoff.
Get your own haul and enjoy these healthier options.  
contains NO MALTITOL : ) 

Contains 380g of Keto Milk Chocolate Bliss:

• 2 x Milk Chocolate Vitawerx Bunny

• 1 x Vitawerx Milk Chocolate Puffs

• 1 x Vitawerx White Chocolate Puffs

With the benefit of protein macros that make weight control easier, by reducing appetite and triggering hormones that promote feelings of fullness and satisfaction.

Be well sorted to keep it healthier 
Please refer to each product for nutritional information using the links above
Until Stocks Last 

Happy World Chocolate Day from the Keto Store NZ

More Easter Options available:

Happy Easter Deluxe Chocolate Stash with Bunny, Milk puffs and White Easter Eggs.

Easter DIY Melt-me Chocolate Kit with Milk, Dark and White chocolate and 2 x molds

Belvas Belgian Chocolates - Hearts and Truffles 

Hot Cross Bun Mix  + Golden Berries


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