New season's Golden Berries 
100gm bag - certified organic 

Golden berries are like the fashionable version of dried cranberries and raisins, only much lower in carbs and they make having dried fruit still a low carb option.

These are organic golden berries all the way from Peru, the world leaders in golden berries. Yay for us, and Yay for Keto Xmas mince tarts and puddings and Xmas cake!  

What's so cool about Organic Golden berries? 
Also known as Inca berries or Cape Gooseberries and we love them because they are: 

  • incredibly flavoursome more citrusy like and chewy
  • gives a lovely boost to smoothies and baking
  • have NO preservatives added
  • certified organic and high in Vit C + Vit A 

Benefits: They have the more vitamin C than blueberries (11mg vs 9.7mg per 100gm) and are higher in Vitamin A

Macros per 25gm serve: Net Carbs 4gm, Protein <1g, Fat <1g, Sodium 6mg, Energy 84kj. 

How to use: 
Best to plump these up. Either leave them out on the bench overnight to reabsorb some moisture. Add 4 Tablespoons of Allulose with the berries add freshly boiled water to just over the level of the berries and leave them to soak up all that sweetness, so it cuts through the tartness without adding any more carbs. 


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