What's so great about Inulin?

Sharyn Carter

Have you heard about Inulin? It’s pretty amazing on the health benefits and the good news is that it's all natural. Let’s shine some light on what Inulin is, benefits and how best to use it.

What is Inulin?

Inulin is a plant-based prebiotic and a water-soluble form of dietary fibre. It’s made naturally from Chicory (a tasty lettuce) and although it is sweet tasting, it has no effect on blood sugar levels when eaten.


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It can be used to sweeten food and drinks, thicken sauces, and it’s the only sweetener that activates yeast. To use Inulin:

  • as a prebiotic just add it to any liquid and drink.
  • as a sweetener in recipes, measure out the sweetener (be it allulose, erythritol etc) and then remove some, replacing it 1:1 with Inulin.

The great thing when using Inulin is that it requires no change to baking methods or oven temperatures.

This is how your body processes Inulin 

  • The Inulin prebiotic dietary fibres consumed in food are resistant to digestion, so they travel to the lower intestine and this is where their magic happens.
  • Inulin nourishes and feeds your natural intestinal friendly (bifido) bacteria, hampering the growth of less desirable bacteria and yeasts, and this process may strengthen your immune system.
  • The dietary fibre expands in fluids so you feel full sooner after eating.
  • Inulin gets metabolised to form short-chain fatty acids and lactic acid which reduces pH levels of the colon. This means even more vitamins and minerals can be absorbed from the other food you've eaten, leading to additional benefits.
  • Then Inulin passes out of your system as bulkier and softer, easier to pass stools. It carries the LDL (bad) cholesterol with it, lowering triglyceride levels. Total cholesterol is reduced and HDL (good) cholesterol increases. 
Inulin tastes creamy, smooth and slightly sweet and helps reduce the need for other sweeteners. When you start eating Inulin and feeding your gut bacteria, it can take a week or so to adjust. Therefore it’s recommended to build up usage over time.

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Using Inulin alongside your sweeteners is a great way to make Keto more affordable and it's amazing for your Gut Health. What's not to love? :)
Take Inulin, feed the good bacteria and start your healing, from the inside out.