Cream Powder - 750g

This Cream Powder has been 2 years in the making and is exclusive to us here at the Keto Store NZ. It is perfect blends from NZ grass-fed milk, in a powdered format.  

Why I needed this in my life:  
I can make it to suit my personal taste preferences by adjusting the powder. 
• With cream powder you get to decide milky, half and half, creamy, thicker, ice-creamy. 

To achieve weight loss it's about consuming fewer calories
• This cream powder has 240 fewer calories (1005kJ) per 100ml than regular cream*.  

So many times I went to make a meal using cream, only to find it had already expired. 
• This batch of the cream powder has a long best before date in 2025

Liquid cream in sauces takes ages to boil down, meanwhile dinner gets over-cooked.  
• The cream powder thickens sauces without adding any additional liquid to boil off. Pull some liquid out of your dish, make a paste with the cream powder & pour back into the pot.  

Cost effective: a 12g powder dose in 100ml works out at $0.56c/100g - nearly half the price of $0.99c/100g supermarket cream. 

How to make: Avoid lumps by putting the cream powder in first. Weigh 12g cream powder into a container and add 100ml water slowly, stirring first to make a paste, then adding in the rest of the water. Amount of powder can be adjusted to suit your preference. Once mixed place in the fridge for 30 minutes to fully develop the flavour. While it froths plenty well, I haven't yet whipped it. 

To sweeten this: This cream powder comes unsweetened. Should you wish to sweeten it, we'd recommend using Allulose Sweet as Icing Sugar, as it's the only sweetener that fully dissolves without any weird aftertaste. Sweetened cream gives it an even fuller flavour.

Cream powder is best stored in an airtight container, in a cool dry place.
Mix and make as you need it. Once mixed, keep refrigerated and use within 5 days.   

Ingredients: Milk and therefore it contains Milk (Dairy)
Please note: This is Cream Powder and Cream comes from Milk. Legally the ingredients listing of this product has to state Milk, because the ingredient of Cream is 100% Milk. This Cream Powder is not the same thing as Milk Powder.

Macros in the images are based on a 12g cream powder in 100ml water starting point (and that makes 100ml of cream). There are 0.2g carbs in each gram of cream powder.
To work out the macros for your preferred dose: step 1 look at the nutritional panel in the images, step 2 - divide each factor in the nutritional panel by 12 to get a per gm amount. 3 - multiply each number by the grams you've used.

Recipes based on X # grams cream powder  + water + sweetener 
Trim milk = 6g cream powder + 100ml water + 1/4 tsp Allulose   
Whole milk = 9g cream powder + 100ml water + 1/4 teaspoon Allulose  
Liquid cream in taste = 12g cream powder + 100ml water + 1/4 tsp Allulose 
Thickened cream = 20g cream powder + 100ml water + 1/2 teaspoon Allulose
Ice-cream = 40g+ cream powder + 100ml water + 3 teaspoons Allulose to taste

Really it can be made to suit your preferred taste and what you're using it for.
Check out the images for the handy dosing guide. 


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