Keto Gummies Thickener Mix - 140gm jar

Gummies are so refreshing to eat, are actually a satisfying treat because they are filling, and a very nourishing source of protein. It's also the best way I can think of to meet daily protein macros and your hair, skin and nails will love them too.

So when we got asked to upsize just the thickener part, of course we said yes! 

TWO Options to Make-Your-Own-Gummies-Kit  
Option 1 • Take one sachet of Aeroplane Jelly or measure out 9g of Hansells jelly mix
(available from the "Tap to see more" drop down menu)
2 flat Tablespoons (20g) from the Gummie Thickener Jar
Option 2 • Purchase already mixed flavoured Keto Gummies in sachets or jars click here.

What's so special about our Keto Gummies thickener? 
It gives a firmer Keto Wine Gum-like texture - far better than just thick jelly
They don't rip apart when getting them out of molds, squishable yet hold shape
Sugar free, gluten-free, low carbs with amazing protein macros too
You get to use whatever jelly you already have or add some to your cart.  

Quantity it makes 
This jar of the gummies thickener mixture, when added to jelly, will make around 160 gummies snakes / 7 batches using the snake, knot or swirl molds

Jelly Flavours select any of the Sugar-free Lite Jelly options and sizes from the menu to add to your thickener: 
Blueberry twinpack sachets
Grape twinpack sachets
Lime available in 300g & twinpack sachets
Mango Passionfruit twinpack sachets
Orange Mango twinpack sachets
Strawberry twinpack sachets
Pineapple 300g 
Orange 300g
Raspberry 300g & twinpack sachets
Vanilla Berry twinpack sachets
Watermelon twinpack sachets

Macros per 100g Net Carbs 0.1g, Fibre 6g, Protein 7g, Fat 0g, Energy 186kj, Sodium 40mg. Ingredients: Gelatine, Collagen and Vegetable Gums 
Allergens: These are Gluten-free, Soy-free and Dairy-free.

How to make them at home
Boil the jug then take 2 flat Tablespoons of the thickener (20gm) place into a bowl or mug. Add 9g jelly (1 sachet) of your choice and half a cup of boiled water. Stir and pour into a container or mold to set. Once cooled, you've got the most epic Keto Gummies!
Store in an airtight bag or container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks for the best gumminess, as they firm up over time in longer storage.

Molds: We have swirls and knot shaped molds and the always popular gummies mold set of a snake mold with a dropper. 

Tips for making: 
~ If you are working with molds, we recommend making up one batch at a time as the mix gets thicker for handling as it cools down. Stir it regularly to ensure the thickener gets evenly distributed throughout your gummies, as it can settle on the bottom. 
~ If you're pouring the mix straight into a baking paper lined container to set, before slicing later on, then make as many up at a time as you like! 

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