Hansells Lime Sugar-free <0.1g carb jelly 300g 

A value pack with 109 serves of sugar-free amazing tasting jelly. Enabling you to have sweet treats, delicious and refreshing, guilt-free and a versatile addition to dessert and sweet recipes. 

The gelatine in jelly or jello is great for skin, hair and nail health. Jelly sorts out a sweet tooth especially after dinner or as gummies or fat bombs in the afternoon as a snack; keeping you on track to sustain a keto lifestyle.

Hansells jelly flavours available in 300g bag format:





Add jelly crystals to boiled hot water + stir to dissolve + Refrigerate to set. 
3 teaspoons (11g) jelly crystals + 500ml boiled water = 500ml (4 servings) <0.1g carb jelly 
1/4 Cup (44g) jelly crystals + 2 Litres boiled hot water = 2 Litres (16 servings) 

Features: Gluten, Nut and egg free jelly mix
MacrosIngredients and Instructions in images.

Other Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient:
Sugar free Jelly flavours for yoghurt, cheesecake, mousse, fat bombs, gummies, rocky road and other sweet treats. Please do not add fresh pineapple, kiwifruit or paw paw fruit as the jelly will not set - these fruits have an enzyme that reacts with the gelatine, preventing it from setting. 


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