Keto Gummies

Instead of my child (and my inner child) eating sugar-loaded gummies I wanted to make them sugar-free. My aims were to stop my child bouncing off the walls right before bedtime, as well as me having a guilt-free treat that could easily fit into my healthier low-carb keto lifestyle. And when I say Keto Gummies, I don't mean just a less wobbly jelly, I mean more like a proper gummie :)  

So into the kitchen I went on a mission to firm up the wiggle and after much experimentation, nailed it! Now you too can experience guilt-free Keto Gummies and just quietly, the children will never know it's without sugar. 

So what's so special about these Keto Gummies? 

  • Firmer more like a Keto Wine Gum in texture - not just thick jelly

  • They don't rip apart when getting them out of molds

  • They are squishable and yet hold their shape

  • You get to choose from lots of flavours

  • Sugar free, gluten-free, low carbs with amazing protein macros too

  • Available by the Sachet that makes 150gm (approx 25 gummies/snakes)
    or a Jar that makes 600gm (approx 100 gummies/snakes) depending on the size of the mold used

How to make:
Order a sachet or measure 30g from the Jar
+ 1/2 Cup of boiled water
+ stir and pour into a container or mold.
= Once cooled, you've got the most epic Keto Gummies! 

Molds: We will have the gummies snake mold available shortly.
In the meantime we have swirls and knot shaped ones available. 

Silicon Dropper: We have handy little silicon droppers available, perfect for getting the gummie mixture into molds.

Serving sizes: One sachet makes one batch (150gms of gummies) and a Jar makes 4 batches or 600gms of gummies. 
Tips for making:
~ If you are working with molds, we recommend making one sachet at a time as it gets thicker for handling as it cools down.
~ If you're pouring the mix straight into a baking paper lined container to set, before slicing later on, then make as many up at a time as you like!  

Macros per 100g Net Carbs 0.1g, Fibre 6g, Protein 7g, Fat 0g, Energy 186kj, Sodium 40mg

Gelatine (grass-fed bovine), Vegetable Gum. Acidity Regulators (297,330,331), Sweeteners (952,950,955), Flavours and Colours range from (102,110,122,124,129,133), contains sulphites
These are Gluten-free, Soy-free and Dairy-free.


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