100% NZ beef bone broth powder 12g (2 serves) + carry container 

Our bone broth powder now has three key differences to every other powder on the market. 
#1 - it has only one ingredient - pure bone broth. Maximum active ingredient! 
#2 - it's up to half the price of other powders = great value for money.
#3 - it's available in a handy container perfect to hold two x 6g serves 
100% One Ingredient
We have gone for pure 100% bone broth powder, and backed local home grown NZ made. It's not been cut back with additives, flavours or nasties. Instead we’ve left it just as nature and our great-great-grandparents intended. Because old school ways are still just as relevant for today's health.  

Incredible value for money
Here's some quick math: $6 gets you a 2 serve container (worth $3) plus two serves of bone broth powder (at $1.50 per serve). When you refill the container from the 25 serve 150g jar of bone broth powder at $29.95 that makes each cuppa only $1.20.  

Compare that against the cost of a regular flat white nowadays, and you're saving money at the same time as improving your health. All by making just one daily hot drink, a tasty mug of bone broth. Too easy! 

Handy dandy refillable + reusable container
The container is fully top dishwasher shelf washable, reusable and recyclable, valued at $3. This enables you to discretely get 2 heaped teaspoons out & into a mug or bowl of hot water, stir and sip away like nothing out of the ordinary just happened. Except this bone broth is far from ordinary! It's totally yummy.  

Be well and truly sorted: 
• At cafes (just ask for a hot water) stir in some bone broth powder, and sip away at social gatherings so you're not missing out
• At work morning or afternoon teas to tide you over until dinner time.
• After the gym for a speedy recovery delivering collagen, protein and electrolytes directly to any weary muscles that need some love. 
• Anywhere there's not a viable drink option that suits your health goals.   

It’s real, NZ pure and just unbeatable value.

Macros per 6g (two heaped teaspoons) serve: zero carbs, zero sugars, 5.5g protein, fat 0g, energy 94kJ, sodium 59mg

Ingredients: 100% beef broth extracted using water
Allergens: This is free of many common allergens making it an ideal protein for individuals with food sensitivities. An excellent choice for that first forage back into food after intermittent or prolonged fasting. Just a perfect comforting super food.  

Who is it suitable for? This ancient superfood is suitable for anyone focusing on muscle mobility, better managing aches and pains, enhanced recovery, promoting gut health, joint support, or wanting to improve skin and hair health.

How to incorporate it into a daily routine? We are swapping out just one coffee or tea each day and wrapping our hands around a warm cuppa bone broth instead. Along with the the sensation of fullness gained from protein, we’re getting the benefits from naturally occurring amino acids, collagen and electrolytes. It stops any cravings in their tracks and is so nourishing and yummy.  

How do I use bone broth powder? Simply add 2 heaped teaspoons from the container to a hot cup of water and stir. Or add the same amount to any meal or savoury baking whatsoever. If you want to make it into a soup meal to have with noodles you could add onionapple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt, collagen powders or nutritional yeast optional ingredients.

Those containers look really awesome. Do you sell them separately? 
well yes we do - check them out here


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