375ml Artisan made, Bee Keto Hunny deliciousness! 

This is quite the occasion, that I can now reveal our artisan made Bee Keto Hunny product for your enjoyment. Not only have I personally spent many of my waking hours thinking about and tinkering away making this just like honey, minus the carbs and sugar spikes. I'm pretty sure on several occasions, I've even been problem solving in my sleep too!

Bee Keto Hunny is the result of over 1,785 tests tweaking one variable at a time, sourcing many different ingredients, trialing, creating and lab testing spread over a 2 year time period. I've certainly bugged our team of awesome taste testers on many occasions over this time too. It gives me great comfort in knowing that the taste testers are super duper pleased that it is finally here too : )     

The goal was to perfect a zero carb honey in every way possible: 
• Texture - naturally flows just as real liquid honey does. 
• Taste - made with NZ Honey Extract so it tastes exactly like it should, just without carbs. 
• Performance - usable just as you would honey. So it flows, it doesn't glug or slime its way out of the bottle : ) On toast with butter, so divine! Sweet and Sour sauces, most definitely. At zero carbs, put it back onto your menu! 

Macros: To the nitty gritty - we have achieved zero net carbs through the precise selection and formulation of ingredients, and we've also aimed to make a product that doesn't spike blood glucose levels. Here's the macro low down per 100g:  Energy 90kJ (22 calories), Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbs 0g, Sugars 0g, Sodium 0mg.  

Ingredients: Allulose, NZ Honey Extract, Yacon Syrup
100% natural ingredients, no thickeners, no gums, no artificial anything. We just love real food! This is a supplemented food because it contains Allulose and Yacon syrup. Made from local and imported ingredients.

Storage: Best kept in the pantry as coldness speeds up seeding of crystals. Should this honey crystalise, please be aware this is not a flaw, but a natural process that happens to all honey. It's just a sure sign that you're not eating enough of it. To try and remediate, gently heat the bottle in hot (but not boiling hot water) and leave it until the crystals have been incorporated back into liquid. You will notice the honey goes quite runny, it will thicken up as it cools back down to room temperature again.  


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