375ml Artisan made, Bee Keto Hot Hunny! 

This is the one product I have always wanted to ketofy: Hot Honey. It's amazing on any savoury or sweet dishes as it lifts any dish to a whole other level. But the problem with the regular hot honey - it's Loaded with Sugar and Inflammatory Oils, or if loaded with way too much chilli, leaves you scrambling to put the fire in your mouth out, leaving not enough sweetness detectable from any honey.  

So now Hot Honey has been ketofied, with cleaned up ingredients and a better balance between the sweet and heat. We've taken Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Organic Olive Oil, infused that with chilli spices aged over time, then combined together during the making of our zero carb Hunny. 

Where to use Hot Honey? 
Bacon + Eggs + Cheese + Hot Honey on Keto Bread = chefs kiss! 
Pizza - the saltiness of cheese is balanced with the sweetness of the honey and a little spice adds to savouriness
Blue Cheese + Honey is a whole other dimension of yum! actually hot honey works on most cheeses due to their saltiness 
Roasted Vegetables add after they've cooked
Chicken Burgers / Fried Chicken - mix the hot honey with mayo for perfection 
Marinade - paired with BBQ sauce, hot hunny is the best 
Ice-cream - the contrast of heat and cold vanilla ice-cream is fun fun fun 
Waffles - traditionally savoury pairs beautifully with the sweetness 
BBQ - there are lots of sweet sauces and rubs, and marinades with BBQ sauce, or drizzle over foods when you serve them. 
Cheesecake - this sweet dish is where a little spice turns it into a totally different experience. The tangy cream cheese is an excellent mate with the spice of hot hunny. 
Greek Yoghurt - Tangy + heat makes a perfect sauce in Mediterranean cuisine style.
Cocktails like Bloody Mary or other drinks where some sweet and heat is neat 

How hot?
Well it's not going to blow your head off your shoulders, nor have you running for yoghurt, milk or cucumbers; but it definitely leaves a heck of a tasty and lasting good first impression : ) psst it's divine. Our Artisan made Bee Keto Hot Hunny still has the sweetness and is perfectly paired with just the right touch of fire from spices.
Check out the images for the best review ever! 

Macros: To the nitty gritty - we've still achieved zero net carbs!  
• per 100g:  Energy 256kJ, Protein 0g, Fat 4.6g, Saturated 0.6g, Carbs 0g, Sugars 0g, Sodium 0mg. 
• per 5ml because no-one will be using 100ml in a dish, the Energy is 13kJ and Fat 0.2g zero on everything else, because that's how we roll.   

Ingredients: Allulose, NZ Honey Extract, Chilli spices infused Extra Virgin cold pressed Organic Olive Oil, Yacon Syrup. All 100% natural ingredients, no thickeners, no gums, no artificial anything. We just love real food! This is a supplemented food because it contains Allulose and Yacon syrup. Made from local and imported ingredients.

Storage: Best kept above 10C like in a pantry, as coldness speeds up thickening and risks seeding crystals. This Hot Hunny certainly doesn't like being cold, so if it's sub 10C in your house, store in the hot water cupboard.  Should crystals or fogging appear to the point that you can't pour, check out the bottom of the regular Bee Keto Hunny page as over on there's a plan b, to rid the crystals. 

Shake before use! some of the oil will float to the top of the bottle and that's the hot stuff. So either store the bottle upside down sitting in an empty glass to sturdy it. Or shake the bottle before use to redistribute the oil throughout the honey.  


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