Jelly Lite Aeroplane Grape - Sugar-Free 8 x twin packs = 16 x 9g sachets

A sweet treat, delicious and refreshingly guilt-free, and a versatile addition to dessert and sweet recipes. The gelatine in jelly or jello is great for skin, hair and nail health. Jelly sorts out a sweet tooth especially after dinner, as gummies, or fat bombs as an afternoon snack; keeping you on track to sustain a keto lifestyle.

Aeroplane jelly flavours available in 8 x Twin Packs format giving you a total of (16 x 9g sachets):
Blueberry - SAVE
Orange & Mango
Mango & Passionfruit
Vanilla Berry  
Watermelon - SAVE

Also for twice as many serves there are Hansells NZ made sugar-free jelly flavours (33 x 9g worth in a 300g bag format for only $24.95:

Features: Gluten, Nut and egg free jelly mix
Macros per 100ml made up: Net Carbs less than 1g, sugar 0g, fat 0g, protein 1.2g, sodium 23mg, calories 6 (25kJ). Ingredients: Gelatine (sulphites), Acidity Regulator (297),  Sweeteners (952, 955, 950), Flavour and Colours (122,129,133) Contains Sulphites

Keto Rocky Road
Make jelly with extra Gelatine, + Protein Marshmallows + Melted Belgian Dark Chocolate + Nuts or Seeds and = simple delicious Keto Rocky Road! 

Other Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient:
Aeroplane Jelly flavours for yoghurt, cheesecake, mousse, fat bombs, gummies, rocky road and other sweet treats. Please do not add fresh pineapple, kiwifruit or paw paw fruit as the jelly will not set - these fruits have an enzyme that reacts with the gelatine, preventing it from setting. 


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