Gelatine 250g Jar

I use Gelatine a lot :) so I blast through 50g retail pack sizes and they sure do add up cost wise. So with a 250g jar to play around with in the kitchen, this is a bigger and cheaper option. The expiry date is like 4 years away as well - bonus - and it'll be long gone by then for sure.  So now I can thicken, stabilise, and get texture to my heart's content, along with my health benefits.

Benefits and claims: Source of Collagen, it makes my Skin glow, gives my Hair and Nails Strength, improves my Gut health, Bones and Joints 'cos I am not a spring chicken anymore :) Features: 100% natural, Sugar-free, Keto.

Brand: Davis established in 1917
Fun Facts: It was Sir George Francis Davis, a kiwi who left NZ and founded the Davis Gelatine company in Sydney 1917. The reason why Gelatine is so hard to come by right now is that the company has closed their NZ operations, moving them back to Australia. 

How to make any 375ml liquid into a jelly! Pour 125ml hot water into a heat proof container. Add 3 teaspoons of Gelatine (make that 4 teaspoons during hot weather). Stir briskly with a fork until dissolved. Add your 375ml liquid of choice to make 500ml jelly when set. Allow the dish to cool at least 4 hours in the fridge.   

Macros per 100gm: Net Carbs <0.1g Fat <0.1g Protein 87.4g Calories 1464kJ Sodium 350mg, Collagen 100g
Ingredients: From Halal Bovine skin. Allergens: Contains sulphites

Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient: Keto Coffee Jelly, healthy sugar-free Raspberry and Cream jellies, Keto Panna Cotta, High Protein Jello Mousse, Sugar-free Gelatine Cookies, Sugar-free Jam


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