Spice Shaker - 1 and 6 pack options

We love the versatility of the container that our Salt n Vinegar Shaker comes in. So when a customer asked if it were possible to just get the empty Spice Shaker Containers from us, of course we said "Yes, that's such a great idea". At Keto Store NZ, we do love convenience.

No longer do you need to fossick through drawers of open packets while cooking. Oh for the bliss of having spices organised, here they are! 

These enable you to tidy up all those tiny packets and get organised. Doses used in meals are far more controllable and meal making becomes faster. And we all love faster meals, because it means we achieve more in the kitchen in less time! 

Made from food grade materials, and with no BPA or nasties, these Spice Shakers have a huge range of uses beyond food. From dried spices, herbs, seasoning blends, to glitter, arts n crafty stuff. The clear bottles enable you to easily see 'n grab when cooking, or crafting. 

Size: 10cm tall x 3.7cm across 
Capacity: 80ml capacity measured by how much water the container holds
Each spice has a different volumetric granular size, so the actual space it takes up in the container will vary. 


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