2 x Silicone Molds - Chocolate Block Style

It's no secret that we eat with our eyes first and this mold makes the most beautiful stylishly shaped culinary creations. What is less known is the shape of food makes a huge difference to how it melts inside your mouth. 

This is a non-stick mold useful to make professional-looking chocolate bars and a great way to get portion control. and because it's really hard to melt just one bar's worth of chocolate, this way you get TWO molds. 

  • Easy to clean 
  • Can withstand temperatures -40C to 220C 
  • Convenient and makes great professional-looking baking outcomes.  

Gifts of homemade chocolates are delightful to make, give and receive as well as being budget friendly and stylish looking too. With a mold to pour melted chocolate into, there is no limit to your creativity and comfort knowing that whatever you are making is going to look ah-mazing!

We also have a Swirl shape and Knot shape molds.  


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