Silica Gel Desiccant - pack of 20 Sachets

Silica Gel absorbs moisture to create a protective environment of dry air. 
Using Silica Desiccant sachets prevents moisture damage such as rust, mould,  corrosion, oxidation, tarnish, musty odours, mildew, fungus, spoilage, spotting and stains.

Silica Gel keeps your stuff dry, in powdered format and can avoid spoilage. 
These are non-toxic and do not contain harmful substances. 

Available in larger quantities on request.

Household and Personal Usage ideas  

  • Keep pharmaceuticals, supplements, vitamins dry.
  • Enable food powders, seeds, grains and spices to remain free flowing. 
  • Avoid musty smelling books and preserve your archived documents.
  • Commonly used in jewellery boxes to prevent tarnish to gold and silver.
  • Prevent tarnishing silverware and cutlery and use in sewing kits to preserve your pins and needles.
  • In boxes of stored Christmas ornaments and decorations to keep them looking new, year after year.
  • Prolong the life of your razor blades.
  • Avoid clumping of laundry and dishwasher powder.
  • Protection of your everyday household items in boxes, bags and storage containers around the garage, garden shed, office, under the stairs, kitchen, wardrobes, junk drawers, laundry, linen and bathroom cupboards.


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