Rum Balls - Recipe in text below

This super easy recipe can be whipped up in 5 mins and they won't last long! :) 

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Ingredients for 16 servings: (* = available here at Keto Store NZ)
60g Keto Dark Chocolate Chips* 
4 Tablespoons melted Coconut Oil 
2 Tablespoons Allulose*
4 Tablespoons Almond Flour* 
12 Tablespoons Desiccated Coconut* 
2-4 Tablespoons Rum or Rum essence 
Optional: extra melted chocolate*, cocoa* & coconut* to dip/garnish

Recipe Method: 
1 - Combine all ingredients 
2 - Mix well until a dough forms 
3 - Roll into balls
4 - Store in the fridge

About the recipe creator: This Keto delight has been shared with you by Sezzy-Keto from Instagram. She has lots of info she shares about her Keto journey, so check her out :)


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