Get 100g of crunchy cheese stix 

What is super cool about Cheese Stix is that you get more Crunch. They make great snacks for platter boards, and being 0.2g carbs they're totally guilt-free and really high in protein,. Your taste buds will appreciate the divineness of these snacks. 

Super tasty, super light, and super convenient to pop in a bag on the go, and oh so very satisfying. I mean... it's cheese, but not as you know it.

Get the magic of cheese popcorn:
• on their own
• on a platter 
• as croutons on a salad

Also available in cube: snack sized 40g bags and 120g bags 

Ingredients: 100% cheese  (milk, salt, cultures, enzyme (non animal rennet) 
Macros: the main one being 0.2g net carbs ... more details in the images 
Allergens: contains milk 
Benefits: gluten free, ultra low carb, yummy snack. 


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