100% Pure Calcium Citrate - 100g 

Calcium is an essential mineral and also an electrolyte. Citrate is one of the most bioavailable forms of calcium on the market.

Calcium contributes to good bone and mental health, nervous system, cardiovascular and participates in the maintenance of the immune system, among other benefits. In times of growth or in case of osteoporosis, calcium supplements can be very useful, they are also recommended in cases of high blood pressure and as an aid to clotting.

• Odourless, and dissolves readily in water, giving a salty sour like taste.
• Contains no added flavours or sweeteners.
• Manufactured by specialist high purity Calcium producers in Europe with over 35 years dedicated experience 

Why should people monitor their calcium intake?
Over time, having too little calcium can cause osteopenia, a reduction of mineral density in the bones. This can lead to osteoporosis, which causes the bones to thin and become vulnerable to fractures, as well as pain and problems with posture.

If levels of calcium are low for long periods, people may develop dry scaly skin, brittle nails, and coarse hair. Muscle cramps involving the back and legs are common too.

What makes this Calcium Citrate a good choice?
• Calcium Citrate is absorbed 22% to 27% more easily than Calcium Carbonate.
• It can be taken on an empty stomach as well as with meals.
• This product is the highest purity possible, made by a European business who has specialised in Calcium for over 35 years. They are the world's go-to source for the best quality. 

Ingredients: Calcium Citrate.
Contains No: milk/casein, no eggs, no fish, no shellfish, no tree nuts, no peanuts, no wheat/gluten, no corn, no yeast, no soybeans, no artificial colours, no flavours, nor preservatives. It's just 100% pure and free from all this stuff. 

How to use
Easily dissolves in water, drinks, smoothies.
Anywhere that powder can go, this can. 

While it doesn't have a flavour, it has a slightly salty and sour taste. 

Composition of this product
Each gram of this product contains 210mg of calcium.

The RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for calcium is
600mg = 2.9g = maximum absorption of Calcium in one sitting = 34 serves in this jar
1000mg = 4.7g = per day for males 19yrs - 70yrs, and females 19-50yrs
1200mg = 5.7g = per day for males 71yrs+ and females 51yrs - 70yrs+ 
1500mg = 7g = per day after a sleeve gastrectomy - if you seek a larger size jar, please reach out to us at KetoStoreNZ@gmail.com 

Your body can only absorb 600mg of calcium at one time, so those dosing for calcium intake after bariatric surgery are best advised to spread your intake for multiple doses across the day. This jar contains 34 serves 

Calcium can affect how the body takes in the nutrients iron, zinc and magnesium, so in terms of timing, avoid taking a calcium supplement at the same time as a meal that's high in iron.

Taking small measures 
We highly recommend you get a small set of measuring spoons with this product so that you can dose in a repeatable way. Available from the drop-down menu, this set of 5 measures provides you with a
TAD 1/4 tsp, DASH 1/8 tsp, PINCH 1/16 tsp, SMIDGEN 1/32 tsp and DROP 1/64 tsp.

Weights per small measuring spoon
Tad 0.37g
Dash 0.19g
Pinch 0.10g

What functions does Calcium perform within the body?
• helps the body form bones and teeth
• maintains body strength
• assists in the movement of muscles 
• nerve messaging between brain and body
• helps blood flow as vessels relax and constrict
• releases hormones and enzymes for body functions. 

Uses for constipation
Great for when your pipes are blocked. Vitamin C powder is the recommended treatment for constipation as it's far better than the fibre options, which only serve to block you up further. Start with 1/2 teaspoon in water, increase as necessary (everyone has their own natural level they can tolerate).

Medical suitability 
People with existing health problems should talk to a medical professional first, before supplementing. If you're taking existing medications, you can easily phone your pharmacist to check. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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