100% Pure Magnesium Glycinate - 125g 

The body requires magnesium in large amounts because it plays a pivotal role in so, so many ways in the body, for instance: 
• boosting metabolism
• managing blood pressure
• breaking down sugars, regulating insulin function, maintaining stable blood sugar levels
• reducing inflammation supporting muscle and nerve function
• bone development, and tackles the risk of osteoporosis in ageing
• may reduce frequency of migraine headaches
• boosts serotonin (the feel good chemical in the brain) which may be helpful treating mild to moderate depression
• insomnia, magnesium glycinate is the best form of magnesium to help with sleep - easy to absorb, muscle contraction, and nervous system regulation all line up for great Zzzzz's 

What makes Glycinate the best choice?
Magnesium Glycinate is considered the gold standard in supplements because it has high bioavailability with the lowest risk of stomach upset. 
If you are taking other medications, please seek advice from a pharmacist about how this may interact. 

Contains no added flavours or sweeteners.
Pure elemental magnesium with glycinate. 
Does not contain Citric acid, anti-caking agents, no silicon dioxide

Ingredients: Magnesium Glycinate
Contains No: milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, corn, yeast, soybeans, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. It's just 100% pure and free from all this stuff. 

How to use
Easily dissolves in water, drinks, smoothies or in yoghurt.
Even sprinkle it on meals like a seasoning.
Anywhere that powder can go, this can. 
It is recommended to consume this product along with a flavour.
Water drops or inulin in various flavours are marvellous for this task.  
Best time to take - 30 minutes before bedtime. 

It has an interesting taste, some say apple pomegranate and folks say having it in really cold water helps it go down. A life hack to make the unflavoured version of this product taste better is to mix Magnesium 1:1 with Vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid). You can get pure Vitamin C here.

Composition of this product
Each gram of this product contains 141mg of elemental magnesium (the highest purity possible). The balance is glycinate.

Recommended Dietary Allowance
Take your desired dose in mg, divide by 141 to get the # grams to take. 
Females • 320mg Magnesium (RDA females over 30yrs old) is 2.3 grams of Magnesium Glycinate so this jar has 54 serves at $0.44c a serve  
Males • 420mg Magnesium (RDA males over 30 yrs old) is 3 grams of Magnesium Glycinate so this jar has 42 serves at $0.57c a serve. 

Tailoring the dose to you and your lifestyle
Magnesium doses depend on the individual person’s requirements and there is no one dose fits all. As a starting point

• if you’re a healthy individual with no obvious health concerns, start with the lower end at 7mg per kg body weight per day. 
• if you’re unhealthy and suffering from some of the magnesium deficiency symptoms, then aim for the higher end of 10mg per kg body weight per day, would be recommended. 

Start and then adjust accordingly
• If you exercise and sweat a lot you may lose more minerals than most.
• If you’re constantly stressed you might also need more than the average person.
• If your diet is poor and consists largely of processed and fast foods you’ll want more than average.

Taking small measures
We recommend you get a small set of measuring spoons with this product, so that you can dose in a repeatable way. Available from the drop down menu, along with the pure Magnesium Glycinate powder. This set of 5 measures provides you with a TAD 1/4 tsp, DASH 1/8 tsp, PINCH 1/16 tsp, SMIDGEN 1/32 tsp  and DROP 1/64 tsp

Weights per small measuring spoon
Tad 0.51g 
Dash 0.25g
Pinch 0.13g

Alternative Names
Magnesium Glycinate is also known as Magnesium Diglycinate and Magnesium Bisglycinate.

Medical suitability
Pregnant, lactating women and people with known medical conditions are best advised to consult your Health Practitioner. If you're taking existing medications, you can easily phone your pharmacist to check. Particularly as this product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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