1kg of Pure Allulose for an unbelievable bargain $17.95

Allulose is near and dear to our hearts.
Back in 2020, we halved the $54.95/kg market price for Allulose
In 2022, we lowered prices again after getting cheaper shipping rates.
And now in 2024, we thought it was time for an amazing Allulose bargain. 

We've secured an end of line run of Allulose and are bringing it to you at clearance prices. At only $17.95 per kg, you're saving 36% off - that's a whopping $10/kg

Ingredients: 100% pure Allulose

We've tested it by melting, caramelising, making and blitzing and it's all good.
It may contain a few lumps and bumps, but have found these squash out OK so give the pack a squishy kind of hug on arrival.

Only available for a limited time, because stocks won't last. 

Stock up with this massive bargain & don't forget to tell a friend
Store air tight, in a cool place, preferably at yours.


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