A Keto Store NZ Gift Card is the ideal gift for someone who says they already have everything they need, or says not to make a fuss, but secretly loves it when you do. They are a thoughtful idea to show someone how much they mean to you. What can be better than the gift of health and great food?

The best gifts are timeless, just like great relationships! 

Here's how they work for you

  1. You select the amount that you would like to buy a gift card for and add it to your cart.

  2. Once payment has been received an email will be sent to you, with the uniquely allocated details of the gift card.

  3. You can choose to forward on the email to the lucky recipient, or you can print the email out to have a physical copy to gift personally.

Here's how they work for your lucky recipient

  1. Gift cards are a method of payment, so the recipient can use their gift card to pay for items in their cart, including shipping. It's as simple as typing in the unique gift card code during checkout.

  2. The system keeps track of how much is left on the card. If there's a balance left on the gift card, it can be used again to pay for another order. 

  3. If the amount on the card does not cover the cost of the cart, another method of payment such as a credit card can be used to pay the difference.

  4. More than one gift card can be used at checkout, the amount of the cart just keeps getting reduced by the balance taken off the gift cards. 

Anything else we can think of? 

  1. There's only one thing that you can't buy using a gift card, and that's another gift card. 

  2. We are unable to swap gift cards for cash or refund due to change of mind.
    Any unused gift card portion cannot be refunded. 

  3. The Laybuy company do not allow their customers to use their Laybuy payment method to buy gift cards. 

  4. Your balance on a gift card can be checked at anytime. Simply send an email with your unique code to KetoStoreNZ@gmail.com. We will look up your gift card in our system and advise you.

  5. Unlike other gift cards, ours do not expire. This is because we believe that the best gifts are timeless, just like great relationships. 

Gift cards and cash  

Gift cards need to be treated and guarded by you like cash. Should the gift card get misplaced or someone uses it without your authorisation, we're unable to replace your gift card or refund the amount used. 


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