Keto Electrolytes - now more flavours available

Electrolytes are vital in a Keto diet to prevent getting the Keto Flu, plus added benefits from all the other minerals inside one handy drink. It's portioned into convenient sachets or sample serves so all you need to do is pour it into your water bottle. For a daily sachet or serve, it's a small price for your optimal health. 

We range the Sqwincher, Musashi and Ultima brands of electrolytes, here's the brief run down about the differences:  

Sqwincher has been around 45 years in the USA and is a blend of sodium and potassium and comes in a delightful range of flavours. Each sachet makes 600ml of electrolytes, has a tiny amount of calories with 3kj,    

Musashi has been around 35 years in Australia and is a blend of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and glutamine minerals. Available only in tub size. 10g of powder makes 500ml of electrolytes, has a tiny amount of calories with 4kJ. 

Ultima has been around 25 years in the USA and is a fuller electrolyte solution with 6 electrolytes and supporting minerals for a complete clean optimal hydration. A perfect balance of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorous and chloride. Each sachet makes 475ml of electrolytes, has zero calories with 0 kJ,   
Flavours available from the drop down menu: For your ease of ordering we have compiled every flavour of Keto Electrolytes into the one menu for ordering from.
With enticing flavours such as
Mixed Berry - Sqwincher sachet 
Blue Raspberry - Ultima sample + Musashi 30 serve tub
Cool Citrus - Sqwincher sachet 
Grape - Sqwincher sachet 
Lemonade - Sqwincher sachet 
Orange - Sqwincher sachet + Ultima sample
Pink Lemonade - Ultima sample + tubs
Raspberry - Ultima sachet
Watermelon - Musashi 30 serve tub

So simple to tear or scoop and tip into your water to make it more interesting to drink.

Samples vs Sachets: In order to meet requests for trying flavours before purchasing in larger sizes, we have placed Orange, Pink Lemonade and Blue Raspberry Ultima into Samples with non-branded packaging. The Lemonade and Raspberry flavours are in Ultima sachets. It's all the same Ultima goodness inside, available in a handy pre-measured portion, to add up to 475ml of water to suit your taste. 

Here's what each mineral is famous for:
Calcium: Important for nerve transmission and bone strength.
Chloride: Helps keep tendons and joints healthy.
Magnesium: Magnesium helps convert glucose to energy.
Phosphorous: Needed for nerve signalling and repair of cells and tissues.
Potassium: Potassium plays a part in how nerves transmit and muscles contract.
Sodium: It works with potassium to help muscle expansion and contraction.


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