Keto Electrolytes - now more flavours available

Electrolytes are vital in a Keto diet to prevent getting the Keto Flu, plus added benefits from all the other minerals inside one handy drink. It's portioned into convenient sachets so all you need to do is pour it into your water bottle. For a daily sachet or serve, it's a small price for your optimal health. 

We range the Sqwincher and Musashi brands of electrolytes, here's the brief run down about the differences:  

Sqwincher has been around 45 years in the USA and comes in a delightful range of flavours. Each sachet makes 600ml of electrolytes, has a tiny amount of calories with 3kj it was developed because mainstream electrolytes provided hardly any benefit due to the absolutely low levels of vitamins and minerals. 

Musashi has been around 35 years in Australia and is a blend of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and glutamine minerals. Available only in tub size. 10g of powder makes 500ml of electrolytes, has a tiny amount of calories with 4kJ. 

Flavours available from the drop down menu: For your ease of ordering we have compiled every flavour of Keto Electrolytes into the one menu for ordering from.
With enticing flavours such as
Mixed Berry - Sqwincher sachet + 50 sachet pack
Blue Raspberry - Musashi 30 serve tub
Cool Citrus - Sqwincher sachet + 50 sachet pack
Grape - Sqwincher sachet + 50 sachet pack 
Lemonade - Sqwincher sachet + 50 sachet pack 
Lemon and Lime - Sqwincher sachet + 50 sachet pack 
Orange - Sqwincher sachet + 50 sachet pack 
Watermelon - Musashi 30 serve tub

So simple to tear or scoop and tip into your water to make it more interesting to drink.


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