Guar Gum

Guar gum is made from a seed native to tropical Asia and has an amazing ability to thicken up any cold liquid with just a tiny amount to create gels, pastes. It is zero net carbs due to it's high fibre and with no flavour, it tastes of whatever you add it to.

Substitutes: Xanthan gum can be a substitute for some recipes, however xanthan isn't as good as Guar gum when making cold recipes, as it needs heat to activate.
Function: Which gum you'd use, depends on what you're making: As a guide:
~ Cold dishes like ice-cream or pastry filling - Guar Gum
~ Acidic dishes like those with lemon juice, even if cold - Xanthan gum
~ Baked goods and hot temperatures - Xanthan Gum
Don't worry about finding Xanthan, because we sell that too!

Benefits and claims: Guar Gum is safe in small amounts. Gums have hydrating benefits and because it's a soluble fibre, it makes you feel fuller and more satisfied after eating. This will help you if you're trying to lose or maintain weight loss.
Features: Guar Gum has no net carbs and is a healthy source of fibre, so it makes the perfect keto-friendly thickener. Non-GMO. Gluten-free.

Macros for a Tbs: NC0, total carbs 6g, total fibre 6g, P 0g, F0g. Potassium 11mg, Sodium 2mg
Allergens: Due to the small amounts being eaten at a time, it is considered to be safe for consumption by anyone with dietary sensitivities.

Keto Recipes using this Keto Ingredient: Guar gum is a common food additive that you'll use in everything from ice-creams, fillings for pastries, yoghurt or any cold items. If you've got acidic items like lemon juice - then Xanthan Gum is your better option.


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