Gelatine 500g by Davis

I use Gelatine a lot :) like tons! so I find the retail pack sizes just aren't big enough. So with 500g to play around with in the kitchen, here's a bigger and cheaper option. The expiry date is like 5 years away as well - bonus and it'll be long gone by then for sure.  So now I can thicken, stabilise, get texture to my heart's content, along with my health benefits.

Also available in a 250g jar for easy storage here

Benefits and claims: Source of Collagen, it makes my Skin glow, gives my Hair and Nails Strength, improves my Gut health, Bones and Joints 'cos I am not a spring chicken anymore :) Features: non-GMO, Sugar-free, Keto, Paleo. 

Macros per 100gm: Net Carbs 0g Fat 0g Protein 88g Calories 1500kj Sodium 250mg, Collagen 100g
Allergens: Pasture fed limits allergic issues from this product's sources of protein. from Bovine skin and contains sulphites. 

Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient: Keto Coffee Jelly, healthy sugar-free Raspberry and Cream jellies, Keto Panna Cotta, High Protein Jello Mousse, Sugar-free Gelatine Cookies, Sugar-free Jam


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