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There's nothing quite like the heavenly combination of Strawberries and Cream. Not only are they bursting with flavour, but they're also super soft – like biting into a fruity cloud. Seriously, your taste buds are in for a melt-in-your-mouth treat!

The latest addition to the Funday sweet family is made with real food ingredients, gut-loving prebiotic fibre. No sugar-added and no sugar alcohols = No nasty laxative effect.

And Funday are spot on when they say one bag is one serve & 3.2g carbs.
Here's the lowdown on these pre-made gummy snakes: 

• 0% Guilt 100% Tasty​
• 7.5g of plant-based prebiotic fibre ​
• Certified gluten-free, no sugar-added​
• Keto-friendly​
• Crafted with plant-based prebiotic fibre that loves ya gut​
• No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours​
• GMO-free ingredients​

Elsewhere $6.50 - $5.99 - you save at least $1 - $1.50 per packet shopping here 23% less than rrp. Making your gummies funds stretch waaay further : ) 

Ingredients: Soluble Fibre from Tapioca (IMO), Chicory Root Fibre, Gelatine, Natural Flavours, Food Acids (Citric, Malic), Natural Colours (Strawberry), Glazing Agents (Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax), Sweetener: Steviol Glycoside (Stevia)

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Fun Pack - 1 each of all 7 Funday gummies


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