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1 each of the 7 Funday Sweet Gummies + save $10.50 off RRP

Whether you like sweet or sour, there's something in the Funday Fun pack for everyone. 

* pre-order *  we expect to be shipping the new stock including Party Mix from Tuesday

1 x Party Mix - NEW! 
1 x Strawberry Cream  
1 x Gummy Snakes 
1 x Raspberry Frogs 
1 x Sour Peach Hearts
1 x Sour Cola Bottles 
1 x Sour Gummy Bears

These are just sweet enough. Made from real food ingredients at 3.2g - 4.1g carbs and Funday have this right with one serve being one 50g pack 

Here's the lowdown on these pre-made gummy snakes: 

• 0% Guilt 100% Tasty​
• 7 g of plant-based prebiotic fibre ​
• Certified gluten-free, no sugar-added​
• Keto-friendly​
• Crafted with plant-based prebiotic fibre that loves your gut​
• No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours​
• GMO-free ingredients​

Elsewhere up to $6.50 a packet so all 7 would be $45.50
Here at Keto Store NZ they are all 7 for $36, saving $9.50!

Refer to each Funday Sweet for macros and ingredients: 
Gummy Snakes,   Sour Cola Bottles,   Raspberry Frogs,   Fruity Gummy Bears
Sour Peach Hearts,   Sour Gummy Bears,    Strawberry & Cream
Party Mix (Milk Bottles, Pineapples, Raspberries)


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