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This is where your chocolate cravings meet guilt-free indulgence all wrapped up into a Double Chocolate Crunch Cookie. An already made keto biscuit that has got a firm crunch and that distinctly chocolatey biscuit taste. 

Plus each 40g Justine's crunchy Afghan cookie is plenty of a portion to get your fix / see you through with: 
• 3.5g protein  
• 1.9g carbs
• 27% daily intake of fibre 

If you are purchasing these to crush into crumbs there's an easier and way more cost effective option getting Afghan Cookie Crumbs all ready to use. Available in 500g and 1.25kg sizes. 

Ingredients and macros are in the images but what's noteworthy is that these cookies are from wheat, contain no gluten and no added sugar. All natural flavours it's the perfect snack to have to hand. 

Great to have with a cuppa, in lunch boxes to finish on a sweet, and always in the bag when the snack attacks come.    


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