Calcium Chloride 

Calcium Chloride is a salt made up of one molecule used for making the viral keto egg noodles, pickling, making beer and cheese making. 

It is a molecular food gastronomy ingredient – which uses chemistry and physics to make edible culinary creations through a really fun process called spherification.

Calcium Chloride is the highest % of calcium at 36% and is salty, so you simply reduce the amount of salt in your mixture to compensate for this. It is great for basic spherification and please do note: you aren't consuming the water from the calcium bath, it's simply for making and storing the food you've made in. 

Quantity used
Calcium chloride produces heat when dissolved in water, so it cooks and sets the egg noodle mixture. 
1 Tablespoon is used in Calcium Baths to make better Keto Egg Noodles so they better withstand being added to sauces and soups without breaking. 
Click here to go to the Recipe Inspiration for the viral egg noodles with the ingredients as well as the method. 

Product Features: 
Pure food grade, highest quality, non GMO


Zero carb. Calcium chloride 
does not provide any calories, fat, carbs or protein.
It is 
36% pure calcium, whereas calcium lactate is only 13% calcium.


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