We sell the lowest priced Allulose in NZ and ours is independently certified as free from any genetically modified organisms. It's simply the best quality Allulose and at the best price. 

The Girouard brand we sell has 

  • been independently certified as Free from any Genetically Modified substances.
  • significantly less calories (167kj vs 1330kj when compared to other brands)
  • no other fillers or additives (all the grams of carbs = the grams of allulose).

So why do people prefer Allulose over any other sweetener? Allulose has no after-taste and in baking and caramels, it gives a wonderfully soft texture. This particular brand of allulose is nearly calorie free, and because not a lot of it makes it to your lower intestine, it causes way less after effects. With no after taste you can easily see why it's become the preferred sweetener.   

Impact on blood sugar: As a rare natural sugar found in fruits such as kiwifruit, raisins and figs - it's special in that it is not metabolised by the body. This gives it a glycemic index of zero with minimal impact on blood sugar levels.

Why GMO-free is vital: Allulose passes through your stomach lining where your stomach bacteria live and they are vital to your gut health. Your health and wellbeing is important to us, so that's why we choose to only sell food that has not been genetically modified. Unfortunately not all brands of Allulose in NZ are GMO-free; So if you're looking at other brands that don't say they are GMO-free ... then they are unfortunately genetically modified.  

Ordering tips: the best priced Allulose in NZ $35/kg

Ratio to sugar in recipes: While Allulose is 70% as sweet as sugar with 90% fewer calories. Our testers report no cooling effect and reported that 1 Cup of Allulose tasted the same to them as 1 Cup of Sugar in recipes. 

Ingredients: 100% Allulose - according to the FDA, which approved Allulose as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) it provides about 0.4 calories per gram versus 4 calories per gram in cane sugar. Vegan, Keto, Gluten-free and GMO free. Allergens: None known. 

Macros per 100gm of Allulose: Total Carbs 99g - Allulose 99g = Zero Net Carbs 0g, Protein 0, Fat 0, Calories 167kj, Sodium <1mg. It has zero net carbs although it's required to be listed as a sugar. 

Keto Recipes that use this Keto Ingredient: Recommended for making soft chewy foods, perfect for caramel and anything needing a soft gooey texture. Cookies made with Allulose will stay soft and chewy inside and still go nice and crispy at the edges. When baking with Allulose it has a lower melting point and so you may see recipes using it, adjusted to lower temperatures for better baking outcomes. To make the best pavlovas use 25% allulose with 75% erythritol based sweeteners to get both the crisp outside as well as a real pillowy texture inside. 


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