Vallulose™ is a delicious pure Allulose sweetener, that tastes just like sugar.
It's a clean, simple natural sweetness with no aftertaste with very fine sized crystals. 
A top quality 100% pure non-GMO Allulose that's simply more affordable.
We have the lowest pricing for allulose here in NZ, after-all, that's why it's called Vallulose!

 per 100gm of Allulose - Zero Net Carbs 0g*, Protein 0, Fat 0, Calories 167kj, Sodium <1mg.  Note: *Because Allulose isn't recognised or metabolised by your body as a carbohydrate, it's zero net carbs (ie: you deduct the Allulose carbs off the Total Carbohydrate amount). 

Effect on Blood Sugars 
Check out these two videos by Thomas DeLauer that explain in English the effect that Allulose has on himself as experienced from his continuous blood glucose monitor.

  • About Allulose in the body click here  
  • Effect of Allulose on blood sugars / eating fruit and staying in ketosis click here

Reading Allulose Product Labels 
In the USA - The FDA issued guidance back in 2019 to say that Allulose doesn't need to be labelled as an added sugar. In NZ Allulose still has to be labelled under the sugar section due to NZ food labelling standards. 

How can I tell if it's pure? 
If the carbs grams = the Allulose grams - it's pure Allulose. 
The calories of pure Allulose are only 0.4 calories per gram.   

Are there any effects from consuming Allulose? 
Not a lot of Allulose makes it to your lower intestine; it gets passed out as urine so it causes way less after effects when compared with other sweeteners. 
Anecdotally when GMO Allulose is consumed, or in excessive amounts, it can have a laxative effect. This is the same as other sweeteners and gives a similar outcome from eating too much fruit. 

Ratio to sugar in recipes: 
Allulose is 70% as sweet as sugar
1 Cup + 1/3rd Cup = 1 Cup of sugar to match sweetness. 

Baking tips: 
- convert the recipes by lowering the oven temperature by 5 Celcius
- for every 10 minutes baking time in the recipe, increase the time by 2 minutes.
- for even browning, rotate/spin the pans around half way through the baking process.   

Cookies with Allulose stay soft and chewy inside and crisp at the edges. Keep in the freezer if you want the crunch factor.

Pavlova use 25% allulose with 75% erythritol based sweeteners to get both the crisp outside as well as a real pillowy texture inside. 

Ice-cream because Allulose doesn't crystalise when frozen, it makes perfect soft serve smooth ice cream that doesn't ice up and go crunchy, making it much easier to scoop. 

Caramel Allulose is perfect and saves heaps of time as it caramelises and gets to temperature very quickly. 


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