Soft Keto Tortillas

Net carbs per ENTIRE BATCH is only 11 carbs ... amazing. 
Equipment needed: kitchen scales 

Ingredients (* available here at the Keto Store NZ)  
246g Keto Flour Premix*
36g Baking Powder*
76g softened butter/lard/ghee - 10 second bursts in microwave does the trick  
236ml of warmed water

Recipe Method: 
1 - Add 300g Keto Store Flour into mixer, then add softened butter 
2 - Mix to incorporate together 
3 - Slowly pour in the water while the mixer is still going. The consistency should be a dough squishable in your fingers without crumbling
4 - Place a ball of dough on waxed paper or silicon baking mat  
5 - Roll out but don't roll them too thin 
6 - If you prefer round good looking tortillas, then place a saucepan lid down and cut around it with a knife. Scrunch up the surplus bits and make another tortilla out of them. 
7 - Flip the tortilla onto a hot dry pan and remove the wax paper from the bottom
8 - Cook one side, then flip over to finish cooking

Hint:  If using them as a tortilla you need to let them cool before folding
About the recipe: This recipe inspiration is from Victoria's Kitchen. The flour blend uses key ingredients sourced from the USA and made available here in NZ. For other recipes search our website with "using Keto Flour" 


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