So tasty, next level up your drinks, baking and treat making with Torani sugar free syrups. For your ease of shopping here is a list of every flavour we have in the one place in this size.  

Should you wish to go to the product page for each flavour to get ingredients information or macros or to just check if that's the one you are after, click on any of these links below: 

Flavours we range in 750ml size are indicated:  

Caramels / Butterscotch / Toffee

Classic Caramel 750ml & Classic Caramel 375ml 

Puremade Caramel 750ml

Salted Caramel 750ml & Salted Caramel 375ml

English Toffee 750ml

Irish Cream 750 ml

Chocolate Themed

Chocolate 750ml & Chocolate 375ml

White Chocolate 750ml 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 750ml

Chocolate Macadamia 750ml

S'mores (Marshmallow) 750ml & S'mores 375ml 

Toasted Marshmallow 750ml 


Almond 750ml

Almond Roca 750ml

Hazelnut 750ml + Puremade Hazelnut 750mlHazelnut 375ml

Peanut Butter 750ml

Chocolate Macadamia 750ml

Toffee Nut 375ml 


Black Cherry 750ml 

Blue Raspberry 750ml

Cherry 750ml

Coconut 750ml

Lemon 750ml

Lime 750ml 

Mango 750ml

Orange 750ml 

Peach 750ml 

Pineapple 750ml

Raspberry 750ml & Raspberry 375ml

Red Raspberry 750ml

Strawberry 750ml

Watermelon 750ml 

Baking Flavours Syrups

Belgian Cookie 750ml

Brown Sugar Cinnamon 750ml + Brown Sugar Cinnamon 375ml

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 750ml

Peppermint 750ml 

Pumpkin Pie 750ml & Pumpkin Spice 375ml

Sweetener 750ml 

Vanilla 750ml
 + Puremade Vanilla 750ml + Vanilla 375ml

French Vanilla 750ml & French Vanilla 375ml 

Vanilla Bean 750ml

Liquid Sweetener 

Sweetener 750ml 

Plus a convenient and handy Pump that fits perfectly onto any of the 750ml Torani bottles to make dispensing your favourite Torani syrup easy and with no mess. Handy Hint: The pump dispenses 7.4ml of syrup on average

Puremade Syrups 

Torani also have a Puremade range of sweeteners with all natural ingredients, see what flavours are available here


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