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This is a favourite traditional crunchy toffee cookie that makes snacking a breeze. Whether it's the dark chocolate chips or the aromatic caramel toffee flavours that are your #1, these 45g Justine's cookies are great tasting and leave you satisfied. So grab the box of 12 for Justin ... Just in case that is : ) 

Plus each 45g Justine's Toffee crunch cookie is plenty of a portion to get your fix / see you through with: 
• 10.1g protein  
• 2.9g carbs
• 22% daily intake of fibre 

With all natural flavours a good firm Keto cookie is the perfect snack to have to hand.

Great to have with a cuppa, in lunch boxes to finish on a sweet, and always in the bag ready for when the snack attacks come.


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