Keto Sticky Date Pudding - Recipe below

Missing Sticky Date Pudding? Here's a Keto version that totally hits the spot.
Extremely decadent, and topped with Toffee flavoured whipped cream. It's a single portion recipe, because it's just too good to share (double the recipe amounts if you really must share!)

Macros for 1 serving:
Pudding Net Carbs 4.4g, Fibre 4.3g, Protein 12.1g, Fat 28.5g, Energy 344 Cal. 
Golden Berries: per 25gm: Net Carbs 4gm, Protein <1g, Sodium 6mg, Energy 84kj.
Toffee Inulin: Net Carbs 0.01g Sugars 0g, Dietary Fibre 8g, Protein 0g, Fat 0g. 
Whipped cream in the topping excluded from the macros as the amount you use would vary :)

Ordering Tips: We sell the ingredients in varying sizes to make this taste sensation, and have compiled them here for your ease of ordering. To purchase, click under the ingredients field above, simply select each and add them to your cart. And should you get your delivery and go "what the heck did I get that for again?" just look at your order email; the name of this recipe will be right there to prompt you :) easy as. 

Ingredients for 1 serving (* = available here at Keto Store NZ)
2 heaped Tablespoons of Almond Flour* 
1 heaped Tablespoon of Coconut Flour*
half a quarter teaspoon ie: 1/8th teaspoon Baking Soda*
1 teaspoon Butterscotch Flavour It Inulin*
1 Tablespoon Erythritol*
1 large egg 
1/3rd bag Inca Golden Berries*
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Essence or Vanilla Flavour It Inulin*
1 Tablespoon melted Butter  

Toffee Whipped Cream Ingredients 
1 teaspoon of Butterscotch Flavour It Inulin*
Optional - sugar free syrup if desired 

Recipe Method: 
1 - Mix all ingredients in a bowl 
2 - Grease a small microwaveable dish (like a Ramekin or Mug) 
3 - Pour in the mixture
4 - Microwave on high for 60 seconds
5 - Add toffee flavoured inulin to the cream and whip it
6 - Remove the pudding from the dish and top with Toffee Whipped Cream and sugar-free syrup if desired.  

About the recipe creator: This Keto delight has been shared with you in loving memory of Abi Vazey in the Keeping it Keto: Basics, Support & Recipes Facebook Group


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