4 x Shakers of happiness 

Seasonings are all about adding flavour, variety and can brighten up your experience of food. But when regular seasonings are loaded with sugar, wheat-based fillers and maltodextrin (which snaps people out of ketosis like a twig) it’s a real challenge to eat cleanly.

We’re stoked to have developed real food seasonings. Made from pure natural ingredients, with no unnecessary ingredients - just pure clean flavour.  And you'll get Zero Carbs from Salt n Vinegar, Bacon and Lemon Pepper.  

These all come in handy little bottles with shaker top lids all ready for when you really like to pour on the flavour! 

In this 4 pack are 1 shaker of each and here are the ingredients: 
Everything But the Bagel - Salt, Sesame, Onion, Garlic, Poppy Seeds
Salt n Vinegar - ingredients Salt, Vinegar 
Bacon Seasoning - ingredients Salt, Bacon, Allulose, and Paprika
Lemon Pepper - ingredients Lemon, Pepper

That's a whole lot of happiness in our household. And when real bacon can be sprinkled anywhere you like it, well that brings such joy. Here are some ideas for starters:

On eggs - scrambled, poached, omelettes or quiches. 
On cheese, the meltier the better - mac n cheese, pizzas, quesadillas
On veges, the roasted or pan fried kind
On cauli rice or mash - the best way to make cauli mash taste epic
On wraps - use with our cheese powder to make heavenly nachos
In a cheese sauce for Instant Carbonara
In casseroles for a smooth tasting boost of meaty goodness
On popcorn for a low carb snack


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